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Guitar Savers Strap Locks
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KwikCapo Compact Trigger Style Capo
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Leather Guitar Strap
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Padded Leather Guitar Strap
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Rechargeable Clip-on Tuner
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SuperTuner - Clip-on Digital Tuner
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Elegant in appearance, high quality manufacturing, and easily the most comfortable guitar strap I've ever used. I could not be more thrilled with my purchase, and I look forward to a very long relationship with this guitar strap.

Charles B

I used this at two gigs on a single charge. I love this light. The clip is beefy and it folds up into a very compact size. The design allows precise adjustment of exactly where you want the light. I've already recommended this to other musician friends.

Greg D

These little guys are AMAZING!!! I have all Custom Shop guitars, so the thought of doing any additional drilling isn't appealing to me... The fact that I can secure my strap and remove with ease as I desire is a win-win situation. I'm beyond satisfied with my purchase (In fact, this is the second set I've purchased) and I would recommend this solution to anyone over drilling/installing a bulky/heavy duty set of strap locks all day long.

Jerel A


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